Your expert for operational procurement

M-Exchange AG offers advanced platforms for procurement, trade, and communication. This includes procurement solutions for success in any sector, such as an e-procurement portal for SMEs and corporations, as well as specially designed solutions for public utilities, supply and disposal contractors, transport companies and municipal facilities.

In addition to operating the system, M-Exchange provides an extensive service portfolio, including catalogue management and EDI processing with suppliers.

Round this off with comprehensive IT services – from ERP integration through to custom-designed process solutions, topped off by complete EDI service.

25 years of success in the procurement sector

M-Exchange is your expert to simplify and automate your procurement strategy.

With more than 25 years’ experience across a range of sectors, we are established as an industry leader of e-procurement in Germany.

More than 20,000 users and counting are connected to our procurement portal across Europe, generating 30,000 orders per month, exceeding 250 million euros per year. With more than 25,000 suppliers available and 8 million catalogue items, M-Exchange can cover up to 90% of what you need to launch a new project.

M-Exchange solutions are designed to adapt to any requirements or IT infrastructure, and can be integrated into any back-end system, making them a best choice for procurement today. Founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of WV Energie AG, the M-Exchange team consists of 20 experts, here to advise you from our two locations in Germany and branch in Austria.

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